Design & simulate in the clouds

It was a few years ago that I first heard of a free site where you could draw and simulate designs. "What's the point?" I thought. But, the idea is taking off. Was I wrong? I questioned the usefulness of this cloud concept because there had already long existed good, free circuit simulators. A quick download, and off you go, drawing and simulating. Why deal with the extra vagaries of service-provider availa ...

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Cloud Sensor Base-Station

What I want to do I want to create a platform with the capacity to control a large number of sensors and actuators necessary for the hydronponics system outlined in this wiki, and to serve as the central gateway to a cloud-enabled dashboard. The basis for this experiment is the new Arduino Yun which combines an OpenWRT/Linux wifi processor with an Arduino Leonardo Microcontroller. However, the complexity of ...

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An easy way to send your heartbeat to the Cloud using arduino

This cool (and very low price) sensor is attached on your ear and can detect your heart’s pulse through transmitting infrared light and checking the absorption variation caused by the blood flow on your ear lobe. The site of the products provides also the Arduino code for detecting the beats and calculating an average heart rate (in bpm  - beats per minute). The sensor comes with a grove connector, so setti ...

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