Arduino Nicla Voice launches at CES 2023

The official Arduino development team have this week at CES 2023 launch their latest creation in the form of the Arduino Pro Nicla Voice. Specifically created to provide developers and users with onboard Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity and a board that is compatible with existing Nicla, Portenta, and MKR hardware. The tiny Nicla Voice Arduino board is equipped with a full set of sensors in the form of a microphone, smart 6-axis motion sensor and magnetometer.

Nicla Voice is capable of running audio inputs through the powerful Syntiant NDP120 Neural Decision processor, which mimics human neural pathways to run multiple AI algorithms and automate complex tasks. In other words, it hears different events and keywords simultaneously, and is capable of understanding and learning what sounds mean. The board is also small enough to be powered by a battery removing the need for powerlines switches or interfaces to activate the system.

Arduino Nicla Voice

“Implement always-on speech recognition on the edge with Nicla Voice. The board integrates Syntiant’s NDP120 Neural Decision Processor™, enabling it to run multiple AI algorithms. In addition to its microphone, the tiny Nicla Voice features a smart six-axis motion sensor and a magnetometer, making it the ideal solution for ultra-low-power predictive maintenance, gesture/voice recognition and contactless applications. “

With Nicla Voice’s ready-to-use combination of sensors and processing power, you can prototype and develop new solutions that leverage voice detection and voice recognition, or interpret any other audio input – from machines that need maintenance to water dripping, and from glass breaking to alarms that must get through headphones’ noise-canceling features. We can’t wait to hear what you’ll create with it!”

  • Powerful processor with integrated Deep Neural Networks in a tiny form factor (22.86 x 22.86 mm);
  • Integrated microphone, magnetometer and smart 6-axis IMU;
  • Onboard Bluetooth® Low Energy connectivity;
  • Add speech recognition capabilities to your projects;
  • Ultra-low power for 24/7 always-on sensor data processing;
  • Standalone when battery powered;
  • Compatible with Portenta and MKR products;

The Arduino Nicla Voice will soon be available to purchase priced at €69 directly from the official Arduino online store by following the link below.

Source: Arduino Nicla Voice launches at CES 2023

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