How to Submit Content on Arduino Project Hub

Learn how to submit your Arduino-based project. It may even get featured on the Arduino social channels! Story Arduino Project Hub (powered by is a community dedicated to discovering how fun and rewarding tinkering with electronics and software can be, so any project made with Arduino boards is welcome! Every day the Arduino Team will select some of the best tutorials and highlight them on our ...

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ESP32 Tutorials

The ESP8266 has become one of those ubiquitous parts that everyone knows. However, the new ESP32 has a lot of great new features, too. If you want to take the ESP32 for a spin, you should check out [Neil Kolban’s] video series about the device. When we say series, we aren’t kidding. At last count, there were nineteen videos. Some are only a few minutes long, but some weigh in at nearly twenty minutes and th ...

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Arduino VFD Display Clock Tutorial – A Guide To VFD Displays

Do you (still) remember the display of your old CD player, HiFi system or car radio? Have you ever noticed the displays used at your local supermarket that shows you the scanned item and the price of it? These displays have a characteristic beautiful bright blue-green colored glow in common: These are so called vacuum fluorescent displays (VFDs) with outstanding brightness that look pin sharp. Used to repla ...

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Nokia 5110 graphics tutorial

Okay, here's the deal. There are some tutorials on youtube showing how to get graphics to show on the nokia 5110 and that's great. If you just want a simple way to do that, go and watch them instead but there are a few problems I see, 1. There are none for mac. I am using a mac and everyone in the videos are using a windows. 2. Sometimes I just wanna go to the computer and search up how to make some graphic ...

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ESP8266 Web Server Tutorial

If you want to learn more about the ESP8266 module, first read my Getting Started Guide for the ESP8266 WiFi Module. In this project you’ll create a standalone web server with an ESP8266 that can toggle two LEDs. Why flashing your ESP8266 module with NodeMCU? NodeMCU is a firmware that allows you to program the ESP8266 modules with LUA script. And you’ll find it very similar to the way you program your Ardu ...

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Jetson/Tutorials/GPIO using arduino

Quickly testing a GPIO pin To set pin GPIO_PH1 as an output: sudo su (Enter your user password. Defaults to "ubuntu") # See which pins are currently configured as GPIO, and what their state is. cat /sys/kernel/debug/gpio # Validate that the entry for the Tegra GPIO controller has a base value of 0. If not, add on whatever the base value is to the “57” in the commands below. echo 57 > /sys/class/gpio/expo ...

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