Arduino VFD Display Clock Tutorial – A Guide To VFD Displays

Do you (still) remember the display of your old CD player, HiFi system or car radio? Have you ever noticed the displays used at your local supermarket that shows you the scanned item and the price of it?

These displays have a characteristic beautiful bright blue-green colored glow in common: These are so called vacuum fluorescent displays (VFDs) with outstanding brightness that look pin sharp. Used to replace Nixie tubes way back in the 1960s, they can be found in many of our consumer electronic devices.

Arduino VFD Display Clock Tutorial - A Guide To VFD Displays

Vacuum fluorescent displays look really kinda fancy and cool to me, I really love the blue-breen color. That’s why I decided to write this Instructable about a clock based on this technology. This is my first instructable here, showing you how I have designed built my clock and how you can build yourself exactly the same or a similar clock that utilizes the VFD display. I’m not a native speaker – just for you to know if you’re wondering why some sentences might make no sense at all.

Look at the pictures above that I took if you haven’t seen how VFD displays look like yet. The first one shows you how VFDs look different compared to LCDs and the second one shows how your clock could look like after assembling.

For More Details: Arduino VFD Display Clock Tutorial – A Guide To VFD Displays

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