ESP32 Tutorials

The ESP8266 has become one of those ubiquitous parts that everyone knows. However, the new ESP32 has a lot of great new features, too. If you want to take the ESP32 for a spin, you should check out [Neil Kolban’s] video series about the device. When we say series, we aren’t kidding. At last count, there were nineteen videos. Some are only a few minutes long, but some weigh in at nearly twenty minutes and the average is somewhere in between.

ESP32 Tutorials

The topics range from setting up tools and using Eclipse and GDB. There are also tutorials on specific tasks like PWM, analog conversion, real-time operating systems, and more.

You can view all the videos as a playlist, although the order seems wrong when you do that. [Neil] also has an ESP32 book out that is one of those deals where you download it for free or pay a small amount for it if you like. We haven’t read it, but we do like the videos. [Editor’s Note: We used his ESP8266 book to get started. It’s great.]

If you prefer something text-based and shorter, we have our own ESP32 getting started post. There’s even a hidden BASIC interpreter if you like that sort of thing.

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