How to Make a Programmable Guitar Pedal With Arduino!

This DIY Guitar Pedal project is for guitarists, hackers, and programmers that want to learn about digital signal processing, effects, synthesizers, and experiment without deep knowledge of DSP, electronics, or hardcore programming. pedalSHIELD UNO is a lo-fi, programmable guitar pedal that works with the Arduino UNO/Genuino UNO boards and is Open Source & Open Hardware. Learn to create your own program ...

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Arduino Guitar Pedal using arduino

The Arduino Guitar Pedal is a digital multi-effect pedal based upon the Lo-Fi Arduino Guitar Pedal originally posted by Kyle McDonald. I made a few modifications to his original design. The most noticeable changes are the built-in preamp, and the active mixer stage which lets you combine the clean signal with the effects signal. I also added a sturdier case, foot switch, and rotary switch to have 6 discreet ...

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Tissue Box Guitar – Light Strings using Arduino

the idea of anything can be an instrumental music has been always in my mind so i made a wooden tissue box that i installed inside it a guitar of light strings Step 1: Building Box i made this wooden tissue box Step 2: Wiring we make the LDR wiring on a the top shelf of the box ... while the Led's are on the buttom shelf we place them under the LDR's directly to make the light effective on the LDR. Ultrason ...

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