TOG: The Ultra-Small Bluetooth and capacitive enabled Button

The Tog base module contains a densely packed PCB assembly, battery, and modular expansion bus in a ultra-small plastic enclosure. The base module can operate standalone with no additional components required. The front of the Tog enclosure is transparent to allow the internal LED to be visible and allow the optical sensor to detect button presses.

The Ultra-Small Bluetooth and capacitive enabled Button

TogMod Expansion modules

TogMods are magnetically attached modules that extend the functionality of Tog.  Simply click them together, no screws are necessary. Polarized magnets and alignment features ensure you can only assemble them right way.  All connections are made between the modules with six spring pins to ensure long life and ease of use.

Frame TogMod 

Simply stick the frame on any surface with the double sided tape and magnetically attach Tog to keep it in easy reach when its needed.

IR TogMod

Do you ever search for the remote to turn off the TV or other device? Tog enables your previously IR deficient iPhone to do just that. Replace those bulky remotes and step into the 21st century.  We will have an example iOS infrared remote app upon shipping. Use the Frame Togmod to attach the Tog and IR TogMod  over your TV’s IR port.

Header TogMod 

Use Tog on your own projects with the Header TogMod.  Just place the included 5-pin header into your breadboard and tinker away.  Connect 1.8V-5V power and you will have a simple bluetooth to serial converter. Select between RX/TX,  I2C SCL/SDA, or SWD/SWCLK using the SEL pin.

For More Details: TOG: The Ultra-Small Bluetooth and capacitive enabled Button

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