Build an inexpensive handheld Arduino color console

If you love classic games like Tetris and Breakout you can now build a portable Arduino console and play anywhere you are. Required components Arduino Pro Mini 3.3V 8 MHz At only 8MHz the Arduino Pro Mini 3.3v is slow by today's standards but fast enough for most classic games. Other Arduinos or compatibles can be used in its place. If an 5v Arduino like the Uno is used you must use a Level shifter from 5v ...

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Arduino Wireless Animatronic Hand

BTW!!!!! This instructable is awsomeeeeeeThis is a very simple but at the same time a very hard project depending on your skill level. Lets get to building! What this is, is a wireless animatronic hand that doesn't need a computer to operate. The user wears a control glove and can control the animatronic hand precisely. Bellow are some pictures of the final product: Step 2: Control Glove Materials: Arduino ...

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How to Build a Robotic Hand with Haptic Feedback using Arduino

For science fair this year, I felt like building something instead of doing an experiment. All I needed to do was look around Instructables for a project idea. I was inspired by njkl44's robotic hand since it reminds me so much of stuff out of science fiction movies. My goal was to create a system of haptic feedback from a robotic hand like that. The system provides a way for the person controlling the hand ...

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