Revolutionizing Electric Field Measuring Techniques

Nowadays, electrical fields are being used not only in electrical engineering, but also for industrial, weather forecasting, safety, and medical applications. As a result, the need for a precise electric field strength measurement device has become increasingly high, and many investigations have devoted their resources to creating such device. TU Wien has developed a small electric field sensor that is much ...

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DIY Tilt Switch.

In this instructable I'll show you how to make a simple tilt switch, this tilt switch works best with microcontrollers that can debounce the signal and overcome interferences produced by vibrations. There are many ways to make a tilt switch, this one is a cheap and easy way to do one. Pros: -Tiny. -Easy to make. -Extremely cheap. -Perfect for small projects with microcontrollers. Cons: -Vulnerable to vibrat ...

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Arduino: CNC Machine / Part 2

Hey guys this is part 2 of my Arduino CNC machine! Thanks to you guys you motivated me to make my next part into building this! This is me building the y-axis on the CNC machine. Hope you guys enjoy! Step 1: Patreon As you may or may not know, I am Kester. I have a YouTube channel that is based on making electronics videos and diy videos and tutorials. As me making lots of videos and putting time and lots o ...

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