Sending Message Using Alpha-Numeric Keypad with GSM and Arduino

GSM is quite a common Device which is used in major Projects and Real Time Operations. There are many applications which are using features of GSM Module like the feature sending Messages, making a Voice Call, Reading Messages, attempting Call etc. Many at times you may have sent Messages using your Cell Phone and also by way of Hyper Terminal of your computer via GSM, and by sending Commands to GSM using Microcontroller.

Sending Message Using Alpha-Numeric Keypad with GSM and Arduino

In this project we are going to see how to send a Message using Alpha / Numeric Keypad and GSM. The Programming of this project is little complicated but do not worry, I am sure with careful attention you can build it without any problems.

As shown in the image above I have used 16×2 LCD Display which is connected to the numeric keypad. This numeric keypad has been built ingeniously by using keypad circuit having push buttons. For your convenience I have made the cut-out of the typical numeric keypad. So as you can see I have pressed * Button for sending messages

As you can see in the image above after pressing the * Button for sending message the 16X2 LCD displays the message as sent, and the GSM cell phone receives the message displaying the Time with other details in the following image

Sending Message Using Alpha-Numeric Keypad with GSM and ArduinoThe step by step working of this project is simple. To start working on the project you have to simple enter a message by using Keypad and then Press Send Button (*) we can enter the recipients number, and then by again pressing the Send Button, you can send the entered message with quite an ease.


For more detail: Sending Message Using Alpha-Numeric Keypad with GSM and Arduino

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