PIXO Pixel – An ESP32 Based IoT RGB Display

I am back again with my second Make/100 Project! After the first being a very large success and very fun, I decided to do another. This time I am bringing to you the PIXO Pixel!

PIXO Pixel – An ESP32 Based IoT RGB Display

What is it?

The PIXO Pixel is an open source RGB display that uses the very cool, APA102-2020 Addressable LED in a 16 x 16 array. These LEDs are very fast, bright, and tiny; only 2mm x 2mm!  Controlling the LED matrix is an ESP32 which is a WiFi and BLE connected microcontroller than can be programmed using the Arduino IDE(Or MicroPython!). Together these make up a very cool desktop display that you can program to do pretty much anything you want. There is also an added proto board for if you want to add more components like an accelerometer, thermometer, light sensor, potentiometer, anything!

I will provide a sample program to get things started, but programming will require some knowledge in programming Arduinos and ESP32*.

*This product is for advanced users who understand and are comfortable with the power requirements for such a device. See “End User” and “Power Limit Disclaimer” sections.

What can you do with it?

Anything your mind can program! Other than just looking really cool you can display all sorts of information gathered from the internet.

Social Media Notifications:

Computer Game Interaction:

Bedside Alarm Clock:

Cryptocurrency Market Watch:


I often make projects similar to this, but generally end up only making 1 or 2 of the finished product then a YouTube video about the project. It is usually up to the viewer to try and recreate it using the free resources I have provided. The reason I am doing this project with the Make/100 Kickstarter is I will be making up to 100 of the PIXO Pixels.

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