New Arduino Project Hub launches Dec 29th

The official Arduino development team and engineers have this week announced that the excellent Arduino Project Hub will be “evolving“. A new Project Hub will be launching in beta later this month on December 29th, ready for the New Year. Providing a newly revamped version of the existing Project Hub at the same URL replacing the old Hub that will no longer be available after December 2022.

Do not worry if you have projects in the Arduino Project Hub they will be automatically migrated to the new form in the following order.

Phase 1: Projects created before August 2022 will be available on the new platform on January 1, 2023.
Phase 2: New projects created between September 2022 and December 2022 will be available on the new platform on February 1, 2023.

Arduino Project Hub

“Encouraging people to share projects and tutorials has always been central to Arduino’s mission of democratizing technology. Learning from the work of others is very important as we always felt that most makers like to start from an existing project and evolve from their own creation. If you’ve been following Arduino for a while you know we went through a few tools in our history, from “Playground” to “Scuola” arriving at our current “Project Hub” in search of always simpler and better ways to share.”

“In 2014, we collaborated with to establish “Project Hub”, based on the Hackster platform. Together we grew a space that hosts thousands of well-documented projects submitted by all of you. Although this partnership is very important to us, Arduino will move Project Hub in-house. Building our own project sharing platform allows us to further integrate with Arduino Cloud and better align with our new features.”

“We are planning an amazing competition with great prizes to encourage users to share even more projects. We really want to break all the records. Stay tuned for the details that will be announced in January.”

Source: New Arduino Project Hub launches Dec 29th

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