Typewriter with an onboard AI co-writer

Ghostwriter is a unique typewriter that has been retrofitted with a little Arduino hardware and coding to create and AI typewriter which features an integrated artificial intelligent co-writer. Check out the video below for a quick demonstration of the systems functionality. The project has been created by Arvind Sanjeev who explained a little more about the inspiration behind the AI typewriter.

“The Ghostwriter is a project that invites us to mindfully co-create with the AI through a vintage typewriter’s tactile and physical form. The calm meditative interface removes all the digital distractions and takes us on an emotional journey through paper and ink. It allows us to focus purely on the act of co-creation itself by slowing down our interaction with the machine. This lets us become more deliberate with our prompts and pulls us to read each word one after the other, helping us understand the nuances profoundly.”

AI typewriter

The Ghostwriter is a transmuted version of a vintage Brother typewriter, powered by the GPT-3 language model from OpenAI. Enter any prompt through the typewriter and hit the return key to receive a response from the AI. Inside is an Arduino that reads the user’s prompts and shares it with a raspberry pi which queries the GPT-3 API.”

“Inspired by Robin Sloan’s “Writing with the machine”, the idea for Ghostwriter came in early 2021. But it wasn’t easy to squeeze time from my full time role at Lumen World, so I have been slowly spending my weekends working on this. I started with my search for an electronic typewriter that would let me read the keys through an Arduino. After an exhaustive hunt, I found this worn-out brother model on OLX (Indian eBay). I then spent time restoring: replacing the broken daisy wheel, getting new cartridges, lubricating and cleaning.”

Source: Typewriter with an onboard AI co-writer

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