MYdata TPsys CAD converter

The “MYdata TPsys CAD converter” is a small universal program which read the pick and place export data of the most pcb design softwares out there, and converts them to a machine readable MYdata TPsys “.pcb” file, so that the smt machine is programmed quickly and you can save a lot of time and money.

It is simply straight forward and allows an import to a MYdata TPsys system in just 5 steps.

1. open your file wich contains the XY placment data.

2. Name the Layout and set up to 3 reference points.

3. Fill in your import settings

4. Export the mounting data

5. Import it on your machine

And then follow the instructions on your machine.

MYdata TPsys CAD converter


– Importing nearly any XY placement data from your CAD programm and convert it to a MYdata TPSYS readable format.
– A editable preview table of the imported data
– SAVE and LOAD import parameters
– mirroring X and Y axis for a placing components on the bottom side of a pcb.
– Graphical preview of the mounting data which displays the position of the components and their  angles.
NEW! Search and Replace components in your assembling list with components from your machine!
– A help button which leads to a small tutorial on my website

a Windows based computer
.NET Framework

The Programm is tested with:

Windows 7 and .NET Framework

TPSYS 2.9.20 (on a MY100LXE Hydra)
TPSYS 2.4.6b (on a MY12 Hydra)
TPSYS 2.4.2 (on a TP9-UFP)
and should work with all versions between.


For more Details: MYdata TPsys CAD converter

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