MiniCom: an LCD-equipped remote shutter

It’s my first post in English on this blog, just to get to the broader English crowd of the maker world. I’ll present my latest project, the fifth iteration in my quest to create a remote control for my DSLR.

MiniCom an LCD-equipped remote shutter

There’s a night-mode, where all the LCD turns red, useful for astro-photography, when you need to be able to look at it without compromising your acquired night vision.
The interface is limited to a single rotary knob you can push to validate your choices. It remains easy and intuitive to use even when it’s minus 20°C and it’s pitch black.
The output is a standard 3.5mm stereo jack, you can use different cables to control different brand of DSLRs.


For more detail: MiniCom: an LCD-equipped remote shutter

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