Drive a DC Motor With Arduino DUE

This example shows the simplest thing you can do with an Arduino Due and an Arduino Motor Shield, driving a DC motor in forward and backward directions.

Hardware Required

  • Arduino Due
  • Arduino Motor Shield
  • DC motor
  • Wall wart power supply

Drive a DC Motor With Arduino DUE


To build the circuit you need to mount the Arduino Motor Shield on top of the Arduino Due. Then you have to connect the two wires that comes out of the DC motor to the screw drivers terminals of the Motor Shield channel A. Last thing connect your wall wart power supply adapter to the DC connector of the Arduino Due. You must choose it respecting the voltage requirements of your DC motor. With the fan that we used in this example we provided 12V to the board.

Then plug your Arduino board into your computer, start the Arduino IDE 1.5, and enter the code below.

Arduino Due, Motor Shield and fan connected together


For more detail: Drive a DC Motor With Arduino DUE

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