Make An Arduino RFID Card Reading

Finally! It’s been about 3 months since my last Arduino tutorial – I’ve been keeping busy as usual. I’ve been working on this one for some time. I got the parts months ago, made an outline a few weeks ago, prototyped the circuits and wrote the code last week, and did the filming over the last few days.

Arduino RFID Card Reading

Thanks to Jeremy , for this articles.

I’ve upped the ante for my production capabilities on this video. I’m using two cameras (A Canon Vixia HF11 and a Canon EOS Rebel T3i Digital SLR), a fancy new Rode Shotgun microphone, and more tripods! I’ve also implemented some improved audio processing on my voice-overs, so let me know what you think!

RFID technology is really really fun in my opinion, and I’ve been wanting to implement it in a project for some time now. However, doing that can be challenging. But, thanks to the tutorial below, you should have no problems putting together a simple RFID-based security system! I explain the physics of how RFID works in the video, but if you’re a physics nerd like me, and you’re hungry for more, be sure to read up on RFID on Wikipedia. In this video, I’ll explain how to setup an RFID reader (like this one) with your Arduino, read some serial numbers, and use that data to make a secure entrance database.

Arduino RFID Card Reading Schematic

You can download the files associated with this episode here:

Major Components in Project

1.   Arduino Uno  (or Mega): -uno -board/dp/13T9285
2.   RFID Reader and coil: -module-18.html
3.   RFID Cards and  Tags: tag-combo.html
4.   XBee Shield for Arduino: -shield-w-o-xbee -module/dp/13T9278?Ntt=Xbee+Shield
5.   USB Cable: arch/productdetail.jsp?SKU=73H0884
6.   Arduino Software:
7.   Breadboard:
8.   Jumper Kit: i/pcb-accessories/dp/65F2290
9.   8 ohm Speaker:
10.  Servo Motor: 4
11.  1k ohm Resistor: -0 -25w -1k/resistor- carbon -film -1kohm -250mw/dp/38K0327
12.  100 ohm Resistor (x2): -0 -25w -100r/resistor-carbon -film -100ohm-250mw/dp/38K0326
13.  Pushbutton:
14.  Red LED: t-1 -3 -4 -red -18mcd -700nm/dp/15B5583

For more detail: Make An Arduino RFID Card Reading


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