Keyboard Injection/Auto Type Your Password With One Click!

Passwords are hard… and remembering a secure one is even harder! On top of that if you have along, convoluted password it will take time to type.

But fear not my friends, I have a solution to this! I Created a little auto-typing machine that will output the passwords into the computer. Now there is no need to remember stuff or being a fast typer.

Step 1: What You Need.


2x 10k resistors (never mind the picture where there is only one)

1x Pro Micro (or any Arduino/Arduino clone with the 32u4 chip)

1x Matchbox (Now, don’t get the wrong idea, it is not in a matchbox to be sneaky it is built in one because i think it looks good).

2x Pushbuttons.

Some cables, preferably different colours.

Tools used:

Soldering iron.

Glue gun

Step 2: Putting It Together

For the wiring you’ll need to connect the VCC and/or RAW on the Pro Micro via a resistor to the button. The cable that goes to the digital pins on the Pro Micro will go to the same pin as the power on the button. Lastly, return to ground (GND).

Or make it easy for yourself and look at the images to see how I connected things. The Fritzing image is to help make it clear where everything will go, I know it is a Leonardo on that image but there were no Pro Micro in Fritzing.

Use the glue gun to secure everything in the matchbox.

Step 3: The Code


define buttonPin 7 // Permanently makes buttonPin’s value 7.

define buttonPin2 5 // Permanently makes buttonPin2’s value 5.

void setup() {

pinMode(buttonPin,INPUT); // Set the pins as inputs.
Keyboard.begin(); // Start the keayboard funktions


void loop() {
int buttonState = digitalRead(buttonPin); //read the state of the button input
int buttonState2 = digitalRead(buttonPin2); //read the state of the button input
if (buttonState == LOW) { //pressing the button will produce a LOW state 0V

Keyboard.print (“m05Ts3cUR3Pa55W0rDewWa”); //Enter your password here
delay (1000);


if (buttonState2 == LOW) { //pressing the button will produce a LOW state 0V
Keyboard.print (“5eConDm05Ts3cUR3Pa55W0rDewWa”); //Enter your second password here
delay (1000);


If you want, you could make it type in your usernam/email then tab to password and enter that as well. Just put this piece of code in instead of just the Keyboard.print().

Source: Keyboard Injection/Auto Type Your Password With One Click!

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