Inkplate 6PLUS Wi-Fi e-paper display passes funding goal

Following on from the original successfully launched Inkplate, the Crowd Supply Inkplate 6PLUS Wi-Fi e-paper display campaign has now successfully passed its required pledge goal raising over $16,000 thanks to over 60 backers with still 20 days remaining. The newly updated Inkplate 6PLUS features wireless connectivity, a touchscreen and front lighting and is now available via the Crowd Supply website priced at $159 for the bare display and $179 for a Inkplate 6PLUS Wi-Fi e-paper display and 3D printed enclosure.

“Inkplate 6PLUS is a powerful, energy-efficient, Wi-Fi-enabled ESP32 board with a recycled 6.0 inch e-paper display featuring touchscreen and front lighting. It is part of Inkplate family and it’s open hardware supported by an open-source software library, and it’s the easiest e-paper board to use, regardless of whether you prefer the Arduino IDE or MicroPython.”

“Other e-paper displays are a hassle to work with. For one thing, they usually require additional hardware—breakout boards for connectors and cables, say, or external microcontrollers. And their documentation is often pretty rough, with few examples and little or no sample code. Their refresh times are not the best, either. And many of them lack lack support for grayscale rendering and partial updates. You can make them work, sure, but it takes a lot of effort, and most of us just don’t have the time and resources to go that extra mile.”

Source: Inkplate 6PLUS Wi-Fi e-paper display passes funding goal

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