Inkplate 6 WiFI enabled e-paper display

Makers developers and small businesses may be interested in a new Wi-Fi enabled e-paper display that will soon be launching via the Crowd Supply website offering a display that can be programmed using theΒ Arduino IDEΒ and is based on the ESP32.

β€œA powerful, Wi-Fi enabled ESP32 microcontroller makes this six-inch e-paper display – recycled from a Kindle e-reader – incredibly easy to control. Just plug in a USB cable, open Arduino IDE, and change the contents of the screen with few lines of code! The best thing about e-paper is that it draws power only when changing the contents of the screen and is therefore extremely energy efficient. A single battery will keep you going for ages. Beyond that, the high resolution and daytime readability of e-paper make it uniquely suited to many applications.”

Specifications of the Inkplate 6 WiFI enabled e-paper display :

– Recycled six-inch Kindle e-paper display at 800Γ—600 PX resolution
– ESP32 microcontroller with Wi-Fi support
– Super-low-power ready
– Plug and play hardware
– Arduino libraries enable simple customizations. A few lines of code is all you need to display text and images, change greyscale settings, or enable partial updates for faster refresh cycles
– Additional GPIO pins, IΒ²C support and easyC compatibility facilitate additional tinkering
– 3D printable enclosure available

If you are interested in learning more about the programmable Wi-Fi enabled e-paper display, jump over to the holding page on the Crowd Supply website where you can register your details to be informed when the project goes live.

Source: Inkplate 6 WiFI enabled e-paper display

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