eInk DIY weather station project

Makers, hobbyists and weather enthusiasts interested in building their very own DIY weather station may be interested in the new project featured on the Adafruit Explore & Learn portal. The new guide provides a method of creating a no-solder, Internet-connected ePaper weather display that escape full of displaying weather symbols, temperature, date and more. Project uses the Adafruit Tri-Color ePaper Shield used with this project is a 2.7″ ePaper shield that displays black, white and red pixels which is now available to purchase from the Adafruit online store priced at $39.95. Adafruit explains a little more

“A wonderful thing happened when the Metro M4 Express AirLift was released. It opened Arduino sketches to the Internet, freeing them from the confines of their closed environment. It is now officially a “thing” in a world of the Internet of Things (IoT). In this project, the Metro M4 Express AirLift will grab weather data for your local area from the internet and display it on an easy to read ePaper display”

Features of the DIY weather station include the ability to show :

– Current date
– Current temperature
– Current weather conditions
– Forecast data for the next 12 hours in 6 hour increments
– Weather icons for weather conditions and forecasts
– City name
– Display current and forecasted hot temperatures in red
– Sunrise and sunset times
– Description and icon of current moon phase

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source: eInk DIY weather station project

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