eInk DIY weather station project

Makers, hobbyists and weather enthusiasts interested in building their very own DIY weather station may be interested in the new project featured on the Adafruit Explore & Learn portal. The new guide provides a method of creating a no-solder, Internet-connected ePaper weather display that escape full of displaying weather symbols, temperature, date and more. Project uses the Adafruit Tri-Color ePaper Sh ...

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Quantifying cooling system

Quantifying cooling A few months ago +Neil Darlow mentioned that he had replaced his Mendel90 fan with a quiet version and it seemed to give better cooling results. This made me curious because quieter fans of the same dimensions generally spin slower and produce less airflow. So I purchased one to compare but then realised I had no better way of judging its efficacy than holding my finger in the air stream ...

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A Self-Contained Data Logging Anemometer

I love collecting and analyzing data.  I also love building electronic gadgets.  A year ago when I discovered the Arduino products, I immediately thought, "I'd like to collect environmental data."  It was a windy day in Portland, OR, so I decided to capture wind data.  I looked at some of the instructables for anemometers and found them quite useful, but needed to make some engineering changes. First, I wan ...

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