EAGLE 8.7 – Parametric 2D & 3D model generation, library.io, more!

tl; dr?  library.io, IPC-compliant 2D & 3D model generation, copy and paste pins from a datasheet to a symbol, WAY better highlight / color controls, SPICE supports saving and comparing waveforms + better plot controls, router now contours with 90 degree bends, & a bunch of little (but important workflow/UI/UX improvements).

Greetings EAGLE Community!

Today we’re proud to announce the release of EAGLE 8.7 and what is quite possibly one of the biggest releases we’ve had to-date, this time focused (largely) on libraries and library development (and what that means for 3D modeling of your finished PCB)!  But before we get into it, let me share a thought —

As some of you know, most of us on the EAGLE team use the SW (imagine that!).  In fact, it’s the overwhelming majority in development, mktg, leadership, support, etc. who not only use it, but we’ve run workshops, taught university courses with it, etc.  And it’s from the experience of talking with you and having to explain many of the more idiosyncratic things either in EAGLE or in ECAD in general, that we’d decided we needed to take a shot at addressing the component creation process.  Our goal being to reduce or eliminate one of the slowest, most non-value added processes in your workflow. (This is the stuff that really slows you down and only gets harder as the parts get more sophisticated.)

That being said, this is only part of our ongoing efforts to make library development and the problems with quick, quality component creation faced by so many users (whether professionals or hobbyists or students) a thing of the past.  It’s also the first step in treating ECAD parts and their MCAD equivalents as a single component creation process which shouldn’t be decoupled (after all, it’s the same datasheet whether you’re making parts in EAGLE or in Fusion360).

Now on to the show!

library.io – 2D & 3D Parametric Package Generation

Today we launch library.io…A completely free site that integrates seamlessly with EAGLE and Fusion 360 and which includes, amongst other things, parametric PCB package AND 3D model generation, with a new IPC-compliant footprint calculator.  This site replaces the previous https://hub.circuits.io managed library site however all of your managed libraries will work without issue and all of the content has already been ‘migrated’ into the new site.

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