DCC mini central with IR remote control for testing locomotive decoders

I just wanted a simle DCC central wich I can use to test new DCC locomotives n ad potentially with a “program” mode so it can “break in” new locomotives for me by running them for specific periods of time in both directions.   The result is an Arduino  based DCC central.    It is based on some stuff I picked up from the  “interweb” and either slimmed it down or added new features.   It uses an ATMel 328  microcontroller chip , a 2 line LCD display, some LEDs, a potentiometer , some Pushbuttons and an old  IR  remote controller from a tv set or video player.  The signal from the Arduin o is boosted up by an LMD18200  power motor driver chip on a pre built board from China  (8 $)
The schematic below shows the setup.

Schematic diagram

Schematic diagram

Build Pictures

How it works

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