Cosmo Communicator Smartphone Runs Android 9 or Linux

Planet Computers has launched Cosmo Communicator, a dual-screen clamshell-based mobile communicator. It is built to serve as a pocket computer, a mobile phone, and a high-resolution camera. The Cosmo has dual color displays. One 2″ display serves as an external color touchscreen for easy phone call control and notifications, while the other is inside. The inside display is an ultra-wide 6” colour touchscreen along with a full functioning keyboard embedded into the device. When opened, the clamshell serves as a support base to the device, allowing the user to type conveniently. The backlit keyboard enables the user to easily work at night or in dark spaces without the need for external lighting.

Cosmo Communicator Smartphone Runs Android 9 or Linux

The Cosmo Communicator is equipped with a 24MP camera (zoom and flash supported) which you can operate without opening the clamshell. The Cosmos supports 4G LTE phone modem to enable dual 4G SIM connections, for both phone calls and data. It also features Bluetooth, NFC and Wi-Fi communications. Cosmo’s toggle switch enables high security for the device with an incorporated fingerprint sensor and call answer buttons, so you can avoid accepting calls accidentally when the device is in your pocket or handbag. The Cosmo is based on MediaTek P70 8-core processor plus separate GPU and AI processors. It is equipped with a 6GB RAM and 128 GB Flash memory. MicroSD expansion memory slot is also available.

The device is equipped with a 4220 mAh battery, which provides enough power for a day or even two days of usage. The Cosmo enables their users to work in restricted spaces comfortably. You can also hold the Cosmo and use it with ease standing up or while on the bus. It’s size is small enough to fit in your pocket and it can serve as a replacement for both your mobile phones and your laptop. Cosmos was launched in September in an Indiegogo campaign and although campaign is finished it is still available for purchase as an in-demand product 596 + plus shipping. Delivery is scheduled for May / June 2019. Retail price is expected to be $799.

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