JLCPCB is a leading PCB Prototype company in China are attracting increasing people around the world to be our customer and at the same time, we also get much support from them to be the Better JLCPCB, especially during such a tough period due to COVID-19.

1.  JLCPCB Is In Production

JLCPCB tried all we can do to maintain business operations to assist in providing these valuable services to combat the COVID-19 outbreak.

In order to reduce the concentration of staff, we arrange staff to implement shift system; To ensure a healthy working environment, we disinfect the factory twice a day. To ensure the health of the staff, all workers can enter the workshop only when their temperature is measured and confirmed healthy. Also, we will insure two masks for the production staff every day.

2. JLCPCB Is Shipping

Until now, human beings are still suffering from the COVID-19, many countries adopt the state lockdown policy against the COVID-19 outbreak which also causes the rapid decrease of flight quantity.

Our shipping is facing enormous challenges.

But we didn’t give up, we are constantly developing a variety of logistics channels to adjust the policies to ensure that our customers can receive the goods on time during the outbreak, due to vacation collided with the epidemic situation, a serious shortage of manpower, many employees in JLCPCB volunteer to go to the factory to help the delivery.

3. Public Benefit Activities

In addition to these efforts, JLCPCB does whatever can be used for workforce recovery and disease prevention and we have deemed an essential service to manufacturer PCB boards and electronics for essential life-saving/preserving equipment and development which is needed in Wuhan, China and all over the world. Also, we began work on public benefit activities that can be used for workforce recovery and disease prevention like donating money to our local medical agency and delivering mouth masks to our collaborator other countries to their local residents and medical agency.


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