Bonsai Buckaroo plant care monitoring development board

If your plants could do with a little TLC you may be interested in a new add-on board unveiled by Adafruit this week in the form of the Bonsai Buckaroo plant care development board, which will soon be available to purchase directly from the Adafruit online store. Check out the quick overview video below to learn more about the small add-on designed for micro:bit or CLUE boards.

““Bolt it on with 5 screws to get a buzzer/beeper, motor driver, and breakouts for connecting a soil sensor (two alligator clips + nails work just fine). Simple, but effective! Works with micro:bit in Arduino, micropython or MakeCode. For CLUE, you can use CircuitPython or Arduino. Code and tutorials will be live when the product is in the shop for purchase!”

Features of the Bonsai Buckaroo plant care development Board include :

– 8mm Buzzer/Speaker on pin P0 – have your plant kit beep when it wants watering, or have it sing a song when its nice and happy.
– 3V Motor control (on/off) on pin P2 – connect to a water pump to automatically water dry plants
– Alligator clip pads for pin P1, 3V and GND – connect to two alligator clips and nails to measure soil resistance

The Bonsai Buckaroo is not currently available but you can register your interest over on the Adafruit online store, to be notified once the Bonsai Buckaroo developer boards are available to purchase.

Source: Bonsai Buckaroo plant care monitoring development board

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