Beginners guide to building Arduino robots with Bluetooth and Android

In this tutorial we are going to go over building a Arduino robot that can be controlled via bluetooth with an Android phone/tablet. This is a beginners guide that is going to briefly go over the process of wiring and programming your robot.

Arduino robots

Build list…

The following is the list of components we are going to use:

1.   Pololu Zumo chassis    
2.   DRV8833 dual motor driver
3.   Arduino Uno or compatible
4.  Bluetooth modem          
5.  Android phone or tablet

Along with that list of parts for the robot you are going to need these basic things to build and program your robot

1,   Computer with the Arduino IDE
2.   Soldering iron
3.   Some solder and wires


schematic Arduino robots

After you have assembled your robot chassis and solderd your motor driver and modem, the next step is to wire up your Arduino Uno to the motor drivers and chassis. Here is the wiring diagram

Arduino PIN      GND   —    DRV8833      GND
Arduino PIN         10    —    DRV8833      ain2
Arduino PIN         11    —    DRV8833      ain1
Arduino PIN           5    —    DRV8833     bin1
Arduino PIN           6    —    DRV8833     bin2
Arduino PIN      GND    —    DRV8833    GND
Arduino PIN        VIN    —    DRV8833     VIN

Arduino PIN     (TX)1    —    Silvermate    RX
Arduino PIN     (RX)0   —    Silvermate    TX
Arduino PIN          5V    —    Silvernate VCC
Arduino PIN       GND   —    Silvernate GND
Silvermate           CTS   —    Silvermate  RTS

Arduino Sketch.

Download the attached sketch and flash it to your Arduino. If you are new to Arduino you can always reference their home page and or the Playground for ideas and insight into everything Arduino.

Robots sketch download link

Home page


For more detail: Beginners guide to building Arduino robots with Bluetooth and Android

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