Arduino Solar Tracker

What is does:
It searches for the brightest light source like the sun.

Step 1: How it works

How it works:
I’d made a sensor of 4 LDRs with sheets between them

The withe stips are the LDRs

 Arduino Solar Tracker

When the stick on top is righted to the sun or the brightest point
the four LDRs get the same amount of light on them.

Example1 when the light is left on top:
right-top, right-down, left-down are in the shadow
and left-top get the most light

Example2 when the light is on top
left and right down are in the shadow and top is in the light

Step 2: Parts List

  • 2 x servo’s
  • 4 x lightdepending resistors (ldr)
  • 4 x resistors 10K
  • 1 x Arduino
  • 2 x potentiometers 10k (value doesn’t matter)

Step 3: The set-up

Just hot glue it together!!!

Arduino Solar Tracker movement

Step 4: The circuitry

Step 5: The Code

you can download the code down this page

#include <Servo.h> // include Servo library

Servo horizontal; // horizontal servo
int servoh = 90; // stand horizontal servo

Servo vertical; // vertical servo
int servov = 90; // stand vertical servo

// LDR pin connections
// name = analogpin;
int ldrlt = 0; //LDR top left
int ldrrt = 1; //LDR top rigt
int ldrld = 2; //LDR down left
int ldrrd = 3; //ldr down rigt

void setup()
// servo connections
// name.attacht(pin);

void loop()
int lt = analogRead(ldrlt); // top left
int rt = analogRead(ldrrt); // top right
int ld = analogRead(ldrld); // down left
int rd = analogRead(ldrrd); // down rigt

int dtime = analogRead(4)/20; // read potentiometers
int tol = analogRead(5)/4;

int avt = (lt + rt) / 2; // average value top
int avd = (ld + rd) / 2; // average value down
int avl = (lt + ld) / 2; // average value left
int avr = (rt + rd) / 2; // average value right
Schematic Arduino Solar Tracker
int dvert = avt – avd; // check the diffirence of up and down
int dhoriz = avl – avr;// check the diffirence og left and rig

Major Components in Project

  • 2 x servo’s
  • 1 x Arduino


For more detail: Arduino Solar Tracker

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