Arduino Pro Opta industrial IoT micro PLC launched

The official Arduino development team have this week introduced their very first micro PLC with Industrial IoT capabilities in the form of Opta. Designed to provide users with a secure and easy-to-use micro PLC the Opta supports Arduino programming and optional PLC standard languages. Powered by a powerful STM32H747XI dual-core Cortex-M7 +M4 MCU the Opta enables “real-time control, monitoring and implement predictive maintenance applications” says Arduino.

Arduino Opta features :

  • Easy and fast software development, starting from ready-to-use Arduino sketches, tutorials and libraries
  • Optional support for standard IEC 61131-3 PLC languages
  • Fieldbus integration via Modbus TCP (ethernet) and Modbus RTU (serial RS485)
  • Seamless IoT connectivity (Ethernet/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • Real-time remote monitoring via intuitive Arduino Cloud dashboards (or third-party services)
  • Security at the hardware level thanks to onboard secure element and X.509 Standard compliance
  • Secure OTA firmware updates and Cloud device management
  • High-power relay switching (4 x 2.3 kW)
  • Reliable by design, thanks to industrial certifications and Finder’s expertise in switching technology
  • Easy to install, with DIN rail compatibility

“Secure and durable by design, it supports OTA firmware updates and ensures data security from the hardware to the Cloud thanks to the onboard secure element and X.509 Standard compliance. All while maintaining Arduino Pro’s signature easy deployment in production thanks to a vast range of readily available software libraries and Arduino sketches. Last but not least, various connectivity options make keeping everything under control effortless via real-time dashboards combined with the intuitive Arduino Cloud (or third-party services).”

Source: Arduino Pro Opta industrial IoT micro PLC launched

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