Arduino powered camera slider and pan-tilt camera mount

Photographers searching for a professional style motorised camera slider and pan-tilt camera mount, may be interested in a new project by YouTuber “isaac879”. The project is open source with links to the design files and code provided via Github. Check out the first and second videos in the series below. “This is the pan tilt camera mount I designed for my DSLR Canon EOS 250D. I designed it for video motion control, time-lapses and panoramic shots.”

This is a continuation of the pan tilt mount project I designed for my DSLR Canon EOS 250D. Here I have designed and added a slider to the pan tilt mount which allows for more complex camera movements. The slider is made from mostly 3d printed parts, M3 nuts and bolts and 2020 V-slot aluminium extrusion. It uses the same PCB I created for my pan tilt mount which is why I included an extra stepper driver and breakout for another Hall effect sensor. As the same PCB is used it has all the features of the pan tilt mount, such as Bluetooth communication to the Arduino Nano, the RGB status LED, auto homing and the ability to trigger the cameras shutter.”

“The 2GT timing belt, 20 tooth timing pulley and 16th microstepping allow the slider to move with a precision of 0.0125mm. The movement speed can be set extremely slow for time-lapses or up to about 200mm/s (in full step mode). There are Hall effect sensors embedded in the pan and tilt axis to allow the stepper motors to home and zero themselves when powered on. The circuit can be powered by a 12V DC input or 3 cell LiPo battery for portability. The Arduino monitors the battery level and indicates its charge on the RGB status LED. The Arduino can also trigger the camera’s shutter using an NPN transistor and 2.5mm 3 pole jack.”

For more information and to download the files and code for the project jump over to the official GitHub page.

Source: Arduino powered camera slider and pan-tilt camera mount

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