Arduino Portenta H7 Lite Connected development board launched

The official Arduino team have introduced a new development board to their range this week in the form of the Portenta H7 Lite Connected which is now available to purchase priced at €82. The Portenta H7 Lite Connected is designed to provide the computational power of the Portenta H7 for AI applications and low-latency control solutions. The small yet powerful board is equipped with a module that is made more cost-effective by removing the high-resolution video interface feature.

Benefits of the Portenta H7 Lite Connected board include : Dual Core – Two best-in-class processors in one, running parallel tasks AI on the edge powerful enough to run AI state machines, Onboard wireless module capable of simultaneously managing WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, High-level programming language support (Micropython) and onboard secure element for certificates storage and management.

ArduinoPortenta H7 Lite Connected

The Portenta H7 Lite Connected’s main processor is the STM32H747 dual core including a Cortex M7 running at 480 MHz and a Cortex M4 running at 240 MHz. The two cores communicate via a Remote Procedure Call mechanism that allows calling functions on the other processor seamlessly. The Portenta family adds two 80-pin high-density connectors at the bottom of the module.

The Portenta H7 Lite Connected is powerful, with integrated wireless connectivity, yet remains cost-optimized. You could think of it as the H7 with only one secure element and no high-resolution video interface. Or if you prefer, the H7 Lite with the ability to connect. Here’s where the Portenta H7 Lite Connected fits into the Arduino ecosystem. – If you need excellent computational power to deploy AI on the edge. – You’re building a solution that will interact with other robotics systems, and therefore does not require a high-resolution video interface. – Prototyping an idea that you know will need to connect to WiFi but is still not at the stage where you want to invest in a fully-fledged Portenta H7.”

Source: Arduino Portenta H7 Lite Connected development board launched

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