Connecting multiple I2C device on Arduino Uno R3

Hello every one ! welcome back ! It’s nice to show you my new tutorial after long time .Today we will learn how to connect multiple I2C device (typically for demo temperature sensor ) to the Arduino Uno .I recommend download datasheet of that I2C device you are going to interface with Arduino before jump into coding. I2C communication Protocal I²C (also referred as IIC or TWI ) pronounced as I square C is w ...

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Arduino + fischertechnik TX-C – Connecting I2C True Colour Sensor

Colour reading is a real issue for industrial models. I've been working on it for more than 12 months now, since December 2009. After many months of hard work, • starting with the standard colour reader (season 1 ) with features a red LED, • adding extra light from bulb lamps (season 2 ), • using a powerful external white LED lamp (season 3 ), • changing the built-in standard red LED for a white LED (season ...

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Arduino I2C and Processing

As promised, this week brings another communications tutorial! In this video, we’ll use both the serial and processing knowledge that we gained last week, plus an I2C enabled temperature-sensing IC. [box type="note" color=" #202020 " bg="#ffbb00 " font="verdana" fontsize="14" radius="20 " border="#000" float="right" head="Attributes"]Thanks to Jeremy , for this articles[/box]   We’ll use processing to ...

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