Arduino HC-SR04 How to use Ultra Sonic Sensor

Arduino HC-SR04

The Arduino HC-SR04 is different from most of those commonly seen on the market, which have 4 pins compared to 3 pins. But the operation principle is the same, transmit signal, and depends on when the signal is received to estimate the distance.

Arduino Ultra Sonic Sensor

Arduino HC-SR04 not only inexpensive but also practical, use a sample AVR development boar –Arduino , with a LCD screen , you can make a easy rangefinder device , which can ranging 2cm to 400cm . (although i couldn’t get it work more than 2 meters :-(

Please don’t ask me how to use LCD, as it’s been explained really well on the Arduino official site, please check here:
Now first connect the circuit as below :

Arduino Ultra Sonic Sensor Schematic

Download the code below :

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For more detail: Arduino HC-SR04 How to use Ultra Sonic Sensor

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