Arduino color picker reveals real world color RGB values

Off the shelf RGB colour pickers allowing you to extract and objects RGB values can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands depending on your needs. If you would prefer to build your very own portable RGB colour picker allowing you to extract colours in RGB valves from real like objects you may be interested in a new project published to the official Arduino blog this week.

“If you want a red piece of paper, or a blue pen, what does that really mean? If you’d like to get more specific, Michael Klements’ Arduino-based scanner lets you quantify colors in numerical RGB values via a TCS34725 sensor. User interface for the handheld device is extremely simple, with a single button to trigger the sensor and measure colors, along with a 16×2 panel. An optional RGB LED attempts to copy the shade of whatever object you’re aiming at, providing a handy reference to verify it’s working correctly. “

Easily pick colours from physical objects with this Arduino based RGB colour picker, enabling you to recreate the colours you see in real life objects on your pc or mobile phone. Simply push a button to scan the colour of the object and you’re given the RGB colour values as well as an indication of the measured colour on an RGB LED.”

For more details on how to create your very own colour picker check out the official project page over on the DIY Life website where Michael Klements explains more about his Arduino project.

Source: Arduino color picker reveals real world color RGB values

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