Arduino binary clock shield

Arduino enthusiasts or those looking to build a DIY binary clock may be interested in a new shield created by developer Marcin Saj. The Arduino binary clock shield has been made available via the Crowd Supply website with preorders starting from $33 and worldwide shipping available from $6, and commencing during August 2019. Watch the overview video below to learn more about its features real-time clock and temperature sensor.

Arduino binary clock shield

“A big part of being a maker is learning new technologies that you can incorporate into your projects. The Binary Clock Shield is designed for makers, students, and even teachers. It can be specially-tailored for educational application to enable quick and easy “learning while building” projects.”
 Specifications of the binary clock shield include :
– Operating voltage: 5 V via Arduino (USB or 7-12 VDC jack)
– Dimensions: 68.6 x 53.4 mm
– Weight: 19 g
– Same form factor as Arduino
– Compatible with Arduino UNO
– Three Buttons
– RTC – Real Time Clock
Extremely accurate RTC on board
Temperature sensor inside
Easy to use with the Arduino “DS3232RTC.h” library
RTC model – DS3231
– Piezo Buzzer
Can play tones and music
The buzzer is connected to the Arduino pwm pin “11”
Easy to use with the Arduino “pitches.h” tone library
Piezo model – KLJ-1230
– RGB Colors
17 LEDs
You can program any color you want
Only one Arduino pin “A3” is required to control all the LEDs
Easy to use with the Arduino “FastLED.h” library
Each LED is individually addressable
LED model – WS2812B
– Battery Backup
Battery socket on board for CR1216 / CR1220
RTC switches to the battery supply and maintains accurate timekeeping when main power is interrupted or absent

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