Programmable-Air Arduino pneumatics kit

Developers, makers and hobbyists searching for an Arduino powered pneumatic kit may be interested in the Programmable-Air, an Arduino Nano based pneumatics kit which will soon be launching via the Crowd Supply website. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the unique Arduino kit and its features.

Programmable-Air Arduino pneumatics kit

Programmable-Air consists of a built-in high-pressure pump, vacuum pump, pneumatic valves, pressure sensor, and an Arduino Nano. The output from Programmable-Air is a single tube that goes into your soft robot or pneumatic actuator. By controlling the motors and valves, you can push air in or out of the actuator, or let it exchange air with the atmosphere. All the while you get feedback about the state of the actuator through the pressure sensor.

“Programmable-Air is an opensource hardware kit that allows makers to control air. It’s primary purpose is to make inflatable soft robotics more accessible. “

For more details and to register your interest in receiving updates as to when the Crowd Supply page launches jump over to the official Programmable-Air website by following the link below.

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