AirLift FeatherWing ESP32 WiFi co-processor now available

Adafruit has announced the arrival of the new AirLift FeatherWing ESP32 WiFi co-processor this week, making it available from their online store priced at $12.95. The small FeatherWing board allows you to use the powerful ESP32 as a WiFi co-processor. Adafruit explains a little more about the benefits of using the processor for your wireless connectivity.

“Having WiFi managed by a separate chip means your code is simpler, you don’t have to cache socket data, or compile in & debug an SSL library. Send basic but powerful socket-based commands over 8MHz SPI for high speed data transfer. You can use 3V or 5V Arduino, any chip from the ATmega328 or up, although the ‘328 will not be able to do very complex tasks or buffer a lot of data. It also works great with CircuitPython, a SAMD51/Cortex M4 minimum required since we need a bunch of RAM. All you need is an SPI bus and 2 control pins plus a power supply that can provide up to 250mA during WiFi usage.”

The AirLift FeatherWing ESP32 WiFi co-processor measures 50.0mm x 23.0mm x 5.0mm and has been tested with all the companies Feathers and it should work without a problem with them except the ESP8266 and ESP32 Feathers. for more details and full specifications jump over to the official Adafruit online store.

Source: AirLift FeatherWing ESP32 WiFi co-processor now available

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