Quick-Turn PCB shop review project: Elecrow

After my initial PCB success with Maker Studio, I uploaded the design files to three more board houses. I had planned to try four or five more, but I started to get the impression that many of the China-based sources used the same fab house, so I stopped at three.

Quick Turn PCB shop review Elecrow
Elecrow‘s basic board fab service supplies 5 or 10 PCBs for $11.90, with a basic international shipping cost of around $7 for 5 boards. Although I haven’t been paying close attention to delivery time for these reviews (too many variables), I will say that Elecrow was significantly slower than the other three sources.

Several board thicknesses and surface finishes are available, but only green soldermask. Maximum board size is 10cm × 10cm. 6/6 rules are supported, though they “recommend” 8/8 (trace width in mils/space width in mils).

(Note: Most of the following pictures are larger than their default display size, so you can zoom in with your browser, or open pictures in their own tabs, to view at higher resolution.)

For more Details: Quick-Turn PCB shop review project: Elecrow

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