10 Ways Arduino Projects Can Help Improve Your Business

As you might already know, Arduino is a compact microcontroller (programmable circuit board) and software combination that can be used as the basis for building a variety of electronic devices. While tech enthusiasts have been using Arduino to create fun and interesting inventions as a hobby, many entrepreneurs and corporate leaders haven’t yet realized how this device can be used to create unique business solutions and influence employee mindsets in a positive way. Here are 10 ways carrying out Arduino-based development projects can help your company’s culture and efficiency:

1. Creating Prototypes for Custom Products

One fact learned while earning a supply chain management master’s degree online is that bringing a new product to the market is the fastest way to corner a niche. With Arduino, tech startups can simplify the process of creating in-house prototypes that can serve as the foundation for a mass-manufactured product that could wind up boosting the company’s revenue by millions. When you compare this to the conventional process of dealing with overseas manufacturers, tinkering with Arduino is certainly more convenient and allows for greater creative freedom.

2. Promoting Effective Team Work

Getting some of your
technically proficient employees together in a group and having them work
together on an Arduino project is a great corporate team-building exercise.
Plus, it will give you the opportunity to see which employees are most advanced
in this area of technology, which might come in handy later when you’re putting
together a team for a specific purpose.

3. Sparking Creativity and Discussion

Whenever you initiate
constructive conversation in a corporate setting, it can be beneficial for
building productive bonds and getting to know your employees. Arduino projects
typically start with a collective brainstorming session, which is never a bad
thing when the goal is to improve communication and collaboration at your
company. Depending on which industry your company operates in, you might even
find that the first Arduino project becomes the basis for a new branch of
products or services.

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4. Inventing On-Site Solutions

Every company has
on-site challenges that need to be dealt with, whether it be minor
inconveniences or severe workflow deficiencies. 
Arduino devices can do just about anything you can imagine
from a technological perspective, so chances are you might be able to rig up
something that will make your working life just a little bit easier at the
office or shop. The coolest part about Arduino development is that you can
usually find help from other developers through the forums, so if you need a
solution but you’re not sure how to build it, there’s always guidance

5. Remote Resource Monitoring

Some companies have
already started using Arduino to create electronic devices that can remotely
record and transmit resource data such as power usage, surface and air
temperatures, fan speeds, network status, and other critical information. The
Arduino platform is Wi-Fi compatible, and can be fitted with a variety of
sensors to capture and transmit data for virtually any application. Likewise,
you can attach a camera with remote tilt and pan features enabled for advanced
surveillance functionality.

6. Automating Repetitive Tasks

Arduino can be used to
create all sorts of nifty robotic inventions that will automate simple physical
processes. For example, you could build a small robot to carry packages to and
from a specified pick-up and drop-off location within a warehouse, thereby
reducing workload on your package handlers and forklift operators. Your
employees would simply need to drop the package on to the robot’s loading dock
and the Arduino-based bot would carry it to the designated location and drop it
off. This is a very specific and simplistic use case, but the possibilities
here are endless. 


7. Specializing in Arduino

Once you’ve learned
how to use Arduino to build custom electronic devices, this new skill set can
be marketed as a service that your company provides. Custom robotics and device
development is a relatively young industry that still presents plenty of
opportunity for new players to emerge. If you’re already offering software
development or some other form of technological service, Arduino development
services might even be of interest to your existing client base.

8. Custom Security and Scanning

Arduino is also
compatible with fingerprint, card, and RFID scanning sensors, so you can create
proprietary security devices that utilize biometric verification and locational
tracking. Some companies have opted to take this custom approach instead of
purchasing pre-made security devices that rely on third-party technology and
support. You can also use Arduino to remotely control cameras for better live viewing angles in your
surveillance system.

9. The Ability to Create Proprietary

Any company that can
create its own hardware is in a position to outdo the competition because it
will have access to solutions that nobody else has yet. Traditionally, you’d
have to work directly with a manufacturer, sending samples, prototypes, and
design materials back and forth until you arrived at a satisfactory product.
With Arduino and the help of its massive user community, creating proprietary
hardware is something that can be done fully in-house and with remarkable

10. Creating Smart Devices to
Maximize Efficiency

Arduino-based smart
devices have become quite the trend in the past few years, as people have been
using the platform to create custom smart home solutions. Likewise, companies
can use the open-source microcontroller to streamline and automate a variety of
facility control processes like opening and closing windows, turning off
lights, and adjusting thermostat temperature.

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Take Control of the Technology Your
Business Uses

Ultimately, Arduino
gives you the ability to gain full control over the hardware and software that
your company uses to perform tasks, monitor progress, and so much more. If
you’re the type of person who is reluctant to rely upon third-party products
and solutions, fulfilling your hardware and software needs with an open-source
platform like Arduino might be the best approach to take in order to ensure the
utmost security and suitability for your intended applications.

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