Wireless notice board using Arduino and GSM

Everyone would have known the use of notice board around our daily life. Even it plays a vital role in public places like bus stops, railway station and hospitals. But with a great shift in technology we could revolutionize this kind of notice board by taking it wireless. So that’s what this Wireless notice board Arduino project is all about.

 ireless notice board using Arduino and GSM


In the present scenario to display any message on the notice board we type the message in PC and load into pen drive and we dump the information on to the notice board.
But this a time taking and even much complicated process .

If the person is not available then it is more difficult to display the message .so if we interface it with GSM it becomes easy. Even whenever the authorized person is out of station he could convey the information just by sending the message.


  • Arduino
  • LCD(16*2)
  • GSM Module SIM800
  • Power supply
  • Connecting wires




  • For this wireless notice board project 16×2 LCD acts as display device
  • GSM module acts as a communicating medium
  • Normal text message from our mobile will reach the GSM module through the carrier
  • Once the message is reached GSM module will send it to the Arduino board through UART communication that is RX and TX
  • The code where written in such a way once the message reached it will display it in the LCD.
  • GSM technology offers user the facility to send message from anywhere in the world and still it will be display in the notice board
  • For the purpose of prototyping have children I have chosen this small LCD module. However you can use any display module compatible with Arduino


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