Twiz modules are the most universal tools for wearable technologies, applications are simply endless but here are a few examples :

  • Media control: modulate sound effects or control a light show from performers’ motion
  • Scientific studies: analyse a building/bridge vibrations, animal activities…
  • 2/3D Software: motion capture to animate 3D model of object, human or virtual creature
  • Games: control your favorite doom-like from your hand, or breakout
  • Anything that a beacon or activity tracker does
  • Home automation: control your room’s light volume by spinning your candle:


MPU9150, 9 axis IMU motion sensor:

3D accelerometer for linear accelerations, 3D gyroscope for rotational accelerations, 3D magnetometer for orientation reference

nRF51822, processor + connectivity:

32 bit ARM processor with low consumption optimization (Cortex-M0), BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy AKA Bluetooth smart/4.0)

Physical characteristics :

2.4 cm x 2.4 cm (< 1 inch), 1.1cm thick (< ½ inch), 4.6g (~7.6g w/ battery)

It started with usual dev boards such as teensy, IMU and radio modules:

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