Temperature controlled reflow oven build

Reflow Oven Build

We have successfully managed to build a temperature controlled reflow oven using an Arduino based PID controller and a standard toaster oven from Robert Dyas! This is a must have accessory for any hobbyist who regularly uses surface mount components within their designs. Below we have a build log documenting the process of constructing the oven including:

  • Β Teardown of the original oven
  • Custom enclosure construction
  • Control Methods
  • Arduino Installation

Temperature controlled reflow oven build

So to start off I will outline a basic parts list of what I used:

  • Arduino Uno
  • Reflow Oven Shield
  • Solid State Relay
  • K-Type Thermocouple
  • 230v AC to 5v DC Power Supply
  • Custom Laser Cut Enclosure

So with all the parts ready to go I began assembling the enclosure. I designed this using Adobe Illustrator and exported it into a laser cutting program which allowed me to cut out the parts. The idea was that all of the panels would glue together apart from the front which would bolt in, making it removable for maintenance.


For more detail: Temperature controlled reflow oven build

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