DNA Melting Part 2: Lock-in Amplifier and Temperature Control

In Part 2 of the DNA Melting Lab you will make revisions to allow greater control of your instrument and to reduce the effects of noise. You will add a pulse-width modulation (PWM) heater controller to enable careful control of the heating and cooling rates of the DNA sample. This will allow you to maintain a melting rate below the melting rate of the DNA and to work around the thermal lag of the instrument ...

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Temperature controlled reflow oven build

Reflow Oven Build We have successfully managed to build a temperature controlled reflow oven using an Arduino based PID controller and a standard toaster oven from Robert Dyas! This is a must have accessory for any hobbyist who regularly uses surface mount components within their designs. Below we have a build log documenting the process of constructing the oven including:  Teardown of the original oven Cus ...

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Programmable Temperature Controller + Hot Plate

Heating things up is one of the most performed tasks in a lab. Quite a lot of times it is not enough to simply hold something at a certain temperature, but the rate at which something is heated and for how long is just as important. Especially when you try to develop catalysts for chemical processes, the temperature program and exact temperature control is crucial and you probably do not want to stay in the ...

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