New Arduino Cloud for Business unveiled

The official Arduino development team has this week announced a new enterprise service in the form of the Arduino Cloud for Business. Offering unique benefits for companies and industrial clients looking for ways to utilise enhanced features in terms of device management, fleet management, secure and safe remote access and RBAC to name a few.

The new Arduino Cloud for Business services are based on a “powerful and flexible data plane” where you can gather real-time and historical data in one place, sending information securely over-the-air. “Display everything you need on dashboards built simply by choosing from dozens of configurable widgets: easily connect your devices – as many as you want! – to the Cloud and build your own control center” explains the Arduino development team.

Arduino Cloud for Business

“The Arduino Cloud for Business allows for device management with instant or programmed OTA updates, secure provisioning to connect boards leveraging their secure element, and easy verification of their status (connected, not connected) and maintenance. Multiple of 50 devices can be connected under the Enterprise Base Plan – and you can always contact our team for a tailored plan to accelerate your IoT solutions.”

Define and manage multiple Organization spaces in Arduino Cloud for Business. Set up role-based access control (RBAC) by assigning profiles and sharing with any number of users, and access all cloud projects and sketches – always in sync thanks to the Web Editor – at any time and from any device, thanks to wide cross compatibility (Windows, Mac, Linux or Chromebook) and the free IoT Remote app.”

“Sketching and coding run through the integrated Arduino Web Editor, allowing you to program your boards from any browser, update devices over-the-air, move all sketches and libraries to the Cloud, use the latest IDE features without having to install any software locally, share projects across your team, and customize your libraries online.”

Source: New Arduino Cloud for Business unveiled

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