Telecran (Etch a Sketch) + Arduino = Telecranduino ! using arduino

I came across a bunch of stepper motors and I have since been looking for a project to do with the kids.

An old Telecran (French for Etch-a-Sketch) later, we are in business !

What I used for this project:
– an arduino Uno
– 2 stepper motors
– 2 easydrivers v44 (by
– various Fishertechnik parts (
– a push button.

Optional parts:
– a sensor shield + 2 push buttons
– a Nintendo Wii Nunchuck
– a WiiChuck adapter

And also:
– hot glue gun

Step 1: Mechanics

The mechanical part has been done with some Fishertechniks parts.

I had to drill into the stepper cogs as the axis of the steppers were 5mm where the FT standard is 4 mm.

The other cogs were simply hot glued onto the Telecran (Etch-a-sketch) knobs.

The rest is best explained in pictures…

Step 2: Steppers

Some details of the motors and the final assembly.

Step 3: Arduino

To drive the steppers I used a couple of easy driver board from Sparkfun.

Very straight forward. Note the emergency button that allows to put the motors to sleep in case of a runaway sketch.

I added a sensor shield to the arduino for convenience as I have a couple of push buttons (with a pull-up resistor) already cabled.

WiiChuck adapter is one of my favorite. Although the Nunchuck is a little more difficult to program than it may first appear.


Step 4: Schematics

Step 5: Code – sketch.

If NUNCHUCK is defined then the code will be compiled with Nunchuck support.
The motors are then controlled exclusively with the Wii Nunchuck..

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For more detail: Telecran (Etch a Sketch) + Arduino = Telecranduino !

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