Rear Wheel Tachometer using arduino

One of the goals of Movable Party is to provide an interactive experience for audiences/participants. Since power will be generated from a hub motor attached to the rear wheel of each bike (see this post), the speed of the rear wheel directly translates to the amount of power generated. Detecting how fast the rear wheel is moving thus seems like the most obvious/important piece of data to capture from these ...

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Steering Wheel Drive R/C Car with Arduino

IP Control Car was launched in 2001. I make the similar function car utilizing commercialized products. The concept of Car No.02 is to utilize commercialized products, and I am an amateur in electrical. So, do not blame me that the system is not sophisticated, i.e. servo & speed controller control system and webcam system are not integrated, or 4 different types of batteries are used for R/C Car(7.2V), ...

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