Arduino ATtiny2313 Programming Shield

Today, I made a small 3x3x3 LED cube with an ATtiny2313 that I had from about 2 weeks ago. Whenever I had to reprogram the LED cube when I thought of more awesome patterns, I had to get out my breadboard and then wire up everything again referring to pin-outs of ATtiny2313 and make sure everything is connected right and then finally upload the new code. So I went on to eBay and amazon searching for somethin ...

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How to Program the Vexplorer Using Arduino

This instructable will be about using arduino to control the revell vexplorer. Later you can add as many sensors you want. If you don't have most of the parts already this will cost you about $200 dollars. Most of the electronic bits you can find at radioshack and vexplorer at amazon, also arduino at the maker store. Check out my new project on sending a balloon into space!! ...

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