Arduino Photocell Theremin Synth (glitchamin)

You know theremins, right?  Those cool-looking boxes with antennae that produce noise without being touched?  They are played by the likes of Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, and present in the soundtracks of countless films.  Well, with this instructable, I will show you how to build an approximation of a theremin (in principle, at least) …

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Arduino Sketch Input Hysteresis

This sketch is used by Exercise: Input Hysteresis. Full Source Code The full code is all in one file InputHysteresis.ino. // InputHysteresis.ino : Arduino program to demonstrate a simple single-state hysteretic response. // Copyright (c) 2014-2015, Garth Zeglin. All rights reserved. Licensed under the terms // of the BSD 3-clause license as included in LICENSE. // The …

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Light Sensor (Photoresistor) With Arduino in Tinkercad

Let’s learn how to read a photoresistor, a light-sensitive type of variable resistor, using Arduino’s Analog Input. It’s also called an LDR (light-dependent resistor). So far you’ve already learned to control LEDs with Arduino’s analog output, and to read a potentiometer, which is another type of variable resistor, so we’ll build on those skills in this lesson. …

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