Connect your door to the Cloud and open it from everywhere. Story The Doorbell is a great example of how to connect your devices to Arduino Cloud and make them talk to each other. The Doorbell allows you to open the door from everywhere as long as a WiFi network is available. The project is composed of two part: the transmitter and the receiver. The transmitter is the one that actually opens the door and it ...

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Doorbell to Arduino ‘Interface’

Hi Everybody In my first Instructable I want to show you how to build an cheap and easy Doorbell to Arduino 'Interface' so you can let your Arduinoproject get triggered through it or simply use your Arduino as a bell. Almost endless possibilities :D Step 1: What you need... Here's what you'll need, its not that much...^^ First of all you need the 'heart' of the interface, the relay. -My Doorbell has 12V DC ...

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DIY Antique Phone Doorbell using Arduino

Bryan Zimmer emailed us this fantastic retro-themed DIY hack, a most timely submission as we just revisited the noir art deco-science fiction classic Dark City and we think this would have perfectly fit in the world (or in Adama's quarters on BSG). Bryan gives step-by-step instructions of how he converted a 1940's Swedish-made Ericsson bakelite original into a wireless doorbell... This project combines a ba ...

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